Winter Weddings

Winter is a magical time of year, which is no wonder it’s such a popular time for weddings. TGIS can help take your winter weddings to the next level. Our team will prepare and execute a plan for the most breathtaking wedding of your dreams.  

Whether you are planning an intimate wedding for 10 guests or a big event for over 300, the expert event planners at TGIS will create an experience that your guests will be talking about long after the wedding is over.

Advantages of Winter Weddings

You might be on the fence about a winter wedding, but know that there are plenty of advantages to hosting such a special event during a magical time. Here are a few of the benefits of winter weddings:

  • Stunning photography
  • Stay calm, cool, and collected, literally
  • Best season for black tie events
  • It’s outside of the norm
  • Travel accommodations are cheaper
  • Better rates at venues
  • No humidity

TGIS Catering for Winter Weddings

TGIS Catering is a premium catering company initially founded in 1989 by a brother and sister team in their tiny kitchen in Long Beach. Since then, they have continued expanding and today offer wedding and event planning services throughout Southern California. 

From winter weddings, corporate catering, or house party needs, TGIS Catering can cater to any type of event. At TGIS Catering, we can cater to your venue or pick one of ours; either way, we have plenty of options to accommodate your event best. 

What To Expect With TGIS Catering

  • Lounge furniture
  • Theatrical lighting
  • Audio/visual
  • Custom floral arrangements
  • Graphic design
  • Themed decor
  • Unique mixology
  • Personalized wedding design
  • Designer linens
  • Entertainment
  • Tenting and staging
  • Custom dance floors
  • Photography
  • Dramatic draping

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